Best Teeth Whitening Options At Your Dental Office

Best Teeth Whitening Options At Your Burlington Dental Office

Everyone wants to achieve that perfect Hollywood smile, and sometimes it simply requires them to reach out to a dental professional to seek a teeth whitening treatment. Indulging in a professional teeth whitening process caters to the removal of stains from your teeth, which is potentially caused by drinking excessive coffee, red wine, smoking cigarette. You will find several products which claim to whiten your teeth; however, these products can be laden with harmful chemicals which do more damage to your teeth than good. Therefore, it is always recommended to reach out to your dentist to help you with your teeth whitening concerns.

What teeth whitening options can I avail at your Burlington dental office?

When seeking a teeth whitening treatment, you can select from the following options:

Spa Dent in office Whitening:

Spa Dent Teeth Whitening is regarded as an in-office whitening procedure, which can make your teeth two to three shades lighter in 20 minutes. During the course of the treatment, the dentist or dental hygienist will fit a compact gel-lined tray in your mouth and then employ the use of LED light to the gel tray which would activate the whitening gel ingredients, and it will whiten your teeth within 20 minutes. The procedure is very safe and causes none to minimum post op sensitivity and discomfort.

Spa Dent At-home teeth whitening system:

Besides from an in-office teeth whitening system, majority of the dentists offer an at-home teeth whitening system to their patients, which they can use at the comfort of their home. We have patient’s kits with pre made gel filled trays ready to use.

For optimum results you can get a combination of both in office and at home whitening.

Please call our office for more information.

The information provided is for general information purposes only and not intended to replace professional care. Please consult your physician or dentist for advice and diagnosis so you can be properly treated for your specific situation.

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