Dental Crown & Bridge

Dental Crown Burlington & Dental Bridge In Burlington

Dental Crown

A tooth shaped cover which is placed over your tooth is called a dental crown. The tooth is capped by the dental crown over the gum line and is cemented into place. Dentists use dental crowns in order to restore your tooths strength, shape and size. This helps improve the overall look and feel of your tooth and also helps restore your natural looking smile.

Preparation is required before the crown may be implanted. The tooth will likely be shaped and grinded in order for the crown to fit on top of it. at our office we use our Cerec system to build crowns without an impression but occasionally an impression of the tooth in addition to the gums which surround it will be made and sent to the dental laboratory. This allows for the perfect dental crown to be fabricated. You may have a temporary crown until your custom crown is ready and placed over your tooth. When your crown is ready, it will be cemented on your tooth.

Dental Bridge

Lost or missing teeth can leave visible gaps between your natural teeth. This is more evident when your front teeth are missing. In the instance where one or more teeth are missing, a dental bridge may be recommended.

During your visit, your dentist will conduct a visual examination of your teeth as well as take a series of x-rays to review the strength of the surrounding teeth. This is important as the neighboring teeth will be supporting the bridge

The teeth supporting your bridge will be shaped and prepared so that they'll successfully hold the bridge in place.

When the preparation for your dental bridge is complete, the dentist will produce impressions of your teeth and have them sent to the dental lab for fabrication. Until your bridge is complete, a temporary bridge will be placed. When your bridge is ready, the dentist be cement it and will place it on the supporting neighboring teeth.

Dental Crown & Bridge

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