Dental Emergencies

Dental Emergency & Emergency Dentist, Burlington

In case of a Dental emergency you need to see a dentist as soon as possible and get checked immediately after the incident occurs. Most of the times emergencies happen suddenly and sometimes cannot be scheduled into an appointment.  A dental emergency may involve toothache, pain or discomfort of the surrounding tissues, swelling of the soft tissues of the mouth or a broken tooth among many other issues.

Among all Dental emergencies infections and toothaches are the most common that need immediate attention.

Avulsed tooth is another form of a Dental emergency. Avulsed tooth is a tooth that came out of its place completely due to trauma. The treatment for a permanent tooth that’s avulsed is to replant it, therefore you need to bring the tooth to the Dentist to be placed back in to its socket.

You need to find the tooth, pick it up by the crown which is the white part of the tooth, avoid touching the root, rinse the tooth with cold water if it is dirty, place the tooth in a container, pour saline solution on it or you can even use milk if saline solution is not available and bring the patient and the tooth to the Dental office ASAP. Time is very important and replantation is usually more successful if done within an hour of the incident. You have to call your Dentist as soon as the incident happens to get instructions.

A broken filling or a crown or bridge that came loose or came off can be considered a dental emergency.

In case of a Dental emergency in Burlington, you can call our office and we make sure that you will be seen ASAP. If you are away make sure to call a nearby Dental office or go to the nearest Hospital.

Dental Emergencies

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