Dental Teeth Cleaning

Dental Teeth Cleaning Burlington

There are six very important reasons to visit your dentist for a professional teeth cleaning in Burlington include:

  • Preventing Cavities: If plaque builds up on the teeth, it can cause tooth decay.  Once plaque starts forming it dissolves the enamel of the tooth and a cavity starts forming.  You can remove plaque by practicing a healthy dental cleaning routine including brushing and flossing the teeth and visiting the dentist for a professional cleaning.
  • Stop Teeth From getting loose: Once plaque starts building up on the teeth, and it is not removed, it can lead to gum disease which in turn will lead to tooth loss.  You can prevent tooth loss by practicing good oral hygiene as well as visiting the dentist regularly for dental cleanings.
  • Maintains a Bright Smile: If drinking and eating foods that can stain your teeth have made them yellow or brown, then a professional dental cleaning can help you remove those stains and in turn maintain that bright smile that lights up your face!
  • Maintains Fresh Breath: Suffering from bad breath can be very embarrassing, but if you maintain good oral hygiene including regular professional cleaning then this is the best way to avoid stubborn bad breath.  Sometimes brushing and flossing alone will not be enough to get rid of bad breath, you may need the help of your dentist or dental hygienist to complete a professional teeth cleaning
  • Improve Long-Term Health: Researches have studied the link between oral health and overall health and there is a clear connection between them.  If you maintain healthy teeth, this can lower your risk of some diseases like heart problems and stroke.  Your dentist can even detect some medical conditions during your dental check up.
  • Save Money: It’s always a good idea to prevent the need for more complicated and expensive treatments by visiting the dentist regularly and address any small problem that you may have and avoid more costly and expensive procedures in the future.

The information provided is for general information purposes only and not intended to replace professional care. Please consult your physician or dentist for advice and diagnosis so you can be properly treated for your specific situation.

Dental Teeth Cleaning

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