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Strong safety precautions and protocols are implemented in our office in order to ensure a healthy and safe environment for our patients. Our office uses full personal protective equipment (PPE) to help prevent the spread of Covid-19 and to make sure you feel safe at Fairwood Dental. Learn more.

Family Dentistry

Burlington Family Dentistry

Welcome to Fairwood Dental office located in Burlington Ontario. Prevention and dental treatments for your family from our family. At our dental office, we recommend frequent dental examinations as a way to help you retain exceptional dental health. Our family dentistry and general dental services incorporate advanced technology to ensure an overall relaxing experience at the time of your visit to our dental office. Our welcoming and hospitable team and dentists are welcoming to all patients from children, adults and seniors.

Regardless of what your dental visit might involve - we ensure an overall positive, pleasant and relaxing experience.

We provide premium quality gentle dental care for your entire family:

  • It is essential for young children to be educated on how to clean and maintain good oral health. Our dental group can make your child’s dental experience exciting while ensuring your child follows quality dental practices.
  • Young adults are advised to have routine dental appointments to be sure they have outstanding oral health as they age. Problems with the positioning of the teeth tend to occur throughout the teenage years. This requires careful review and evaluation from our professionals.
  • The oral health along with the quality of your teeth can transform as an individual grows older. It is suggested that adults have regular dental checkups to ensure that their teeth, gums and overall dental health is within excellent form.

We take your oral health seriously. Don't hesitate to contact us today with any questions or concerns.

Family Dentistry

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